United Airways Experts Provide Tips for Healthy Travel

The primary focus of every airline company is to transport its passengers safely and on time, every time. However, few airlines show concern towards the health of their passengers like United Airlines does. When the passengers of United airlines book a flight, they receivethe tips listed belowthat help them to relax and enjoy the flight and arrive at their destination with no stress. If the passengers are concerned about their health while traveling or have any special health care needs, they must consult their physician for specific advice before boarding their flight.

A long-distance flight, as exciting as it seems, is also tiring. Following these advisory tips can minimize stress and fatigue that occursfrom long-distance travel and can combat the jet lag that may result from crossing several time zones in one trip -

  • You must dress comfortably to reduce uneasiness and rashes brought on by ill-fitting garments and shoes
  • You should get a good night’s rest before departing for your flight and also should get enough sleep during a long-haul flight to conserve energy
  • Taking short naps of 40 minutes to 1 hour rejuvenates the mind and will keep you fresh for the entirety of your journey
  • Keep yourself sufficiently hydrated at all times to avoid unnecessary issues due to dehydration
  • Eat light meals during your journey and avoid caffeine or alcohol as much as possible
  • Remaining in one position is harmful to your body. Move around in intervals and perform simple stretching exercises to keep the blood flowing through every part of your body

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) is a medical condition that involves the blood clot formation in the legs. In the case of susceptible individuals, long periods of immobility (like traveling in a car, train, airplane, or even sitting at one’s desk) can increase the risk of clot formation. If a clot breaks free and is allowed to travel to the lungs or the heart, it can prove to be fatal in some cases.

You should perform these simple exercises to avoid DVT –

  • Foot pumps
  • Ankle circles
  • Shoulder stretch
  • Shoulder roll
  • Neck roll
  • Knee to chest stretch

These simple maneuvers will help in maintaining the blood flow to all the parts of your body and avoid painful muscle cramps.

United airlines cheap tickets are easy to find. Similarly, these pro tips for healthy and safe travel are easy to follow and help you enjoy your flight experience without pain and jet lag.