United Airlines Cares for the Special Needs on your Journey

Modern airlines have now dedicated a section of their staff towards the service of passengers that have special needs for their journey. United Airlines have gone a step further and established an advisory board called the Accessible Travel Advisory Board that consists of members with varied forms of disabilities. This Board meets regularly to discuss and debate the growing special needs of people with disabilities and how to provide them with the utmost comfort and peace in theirUnited air reservations. The mission of the United group as a whole is to provide clean and safe amenities to all of its passengers regardless of their physical and psychological condition.

Some of the special needs covered by United air reservations are –

  • Extra Seat – Some passengers suffer from obesity or other conditions that render them unable to fit in one accommodated seat. Under the guidelines prescribed by United Airlines, the passengers must fulfill all of these criteria –
  1. They must be able to properly strap in their safety belt with one additional belt extension (25 inches)
  2. Can be seated with the armrest dropped down for the entire journey
  3. Must not encroach upon other passengers’ space

If the passengers are unable to meet these criteria, they will have to purchase an extra ticket

  • Traveling with Pets –The PetSafe program of the United Airlines allows the transportation of animals that are not eligible for in-cabin travel. Domesticated cats, dogs, birds, and rabbits are allowed to travel in the cabin on most United air reservations within the USA territory under some restrictions. Service animals are also allowed on board after producing the necessary documentation of the handlers with disabilities.
  • Senior Travelers –Senior citizens (above 65 years of age) are eligible for discounts on their reservation. They are also offered United Airline’s Signature Service provided by the Global Airport Concierge. This concierge handles all of the senior citizen’s documentation, transportation within the airport and communication with loved ones. This service is available at most popular international airports
  • Traveling when Pregnant –Any female passenger who is traveling before her 36th week of pregnancy is allowed to travel without medical documentation. After the 36th week of pregnancy, they must bring the original and 2 copies of the obstetrician’s certificate that must be dated within 3 days of the flight’s departure. The certificate must state that the passenger is fit to travel and the pregnancy due date is after the date of the last flight of her itinerary

Thus, United Airlines is a leader in providing services for its passengers with special needs.