Enjoy Fine Dining onboard United Airlines Flights

Few airlines offer food & beverages that are specially created by international chefs, United Air is one of those few. The meal and beverage options vary according to the distance and time of the flight.

There are 3 types of meals available on United air flights –

  1. Choice Menu Snack Shop –For flights whose duration is more than 1.5 hours, the choice menu snack shop offers snacks and snackboxes for purchase onboard
  2. Choice Menu Bistro On Board – The choice menu bistro onboard offers freshly prepared meals available for purchase on United air flights whose duration is more than 3 hours and departure is before 8pm
  3. Complimentary and Mid-Flight Meals –United airlines international flights provide complimentary meals. The number of courses depend on the duration of the flight

United Air offers complimentary snacks on flights within North America, between the USA and Central America, and between Honolulu and Guam.

Most of theUnited airlines international flights offer a 3-course meal in consultation with partner international chefs. When the primary meal of these flights is either lunch or dinner, United provides a light snack along with the initial beverage. The meal is generously served with a salad, artisan bread, and a delightful premium dessert. They also offer a complimentary beer and house wine as part of the beverages. Other spirits are available for purchase as well. These services are available on long haul flights between the USA and Brazil, Australia, China, Chile, Argentina, Japan, India, Israel, New Zealand, Europe, the Middle East, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and Tahiti.

On long haul flights whose duration is above 12 hours and the flights to Europe from San Francisco or Los Angeles, United offers a mid-flight snack which includes a sandwich and a candy, along with the mandatory three-course meal.

The sample menu of United airlines international flights are as follows –

  • Snack with beverage – The initial beverage service includes a snack that may be pretzels, a stroopwafel, or a snack mix.
  • Meal (Lunch or Dinner) –these are the options for the meal:
  1. Smoked chicken in mustard barbeque sauce served with onion peppers, collard greens, cheddar grits, a dinner roll, and a cranberry pumpkin quinoa salad
  2. Mozzarella and roasted red pepper agnolotti in vodka sauce served with fire-roasted peppers, kale,a petite soft baguette, and apple wheatberry grain salad
  3. Seared sweet chili chicken served with broccoli, an artisan bread roll, mushrooms, lemongrass fried rice, micro potstickers, and a South American grain salad
  • Dessert - The premium dessert selection includes gelato, ice cream, sorbet,mousse, or a regional specialty.

Enjoy your United Air flight with these delightful meal options at your service.